The Cardiac Blues Project

Cardiac Blues

Our research shows that up to 80% of patients go through the 'cardiac blues' after an acute heart event  For most, the cardiac blues is transient, usually subsiding within 2-3 months of the cardiac event. Nonetheless, most patients need emotional support to help them navigate through this difficult time. Moreover, one in five patients go on to experience serious depression after their cardiac event.

Our research has shown that patients want to know about the cardiac blues at the time of their cardiac event, either before they leave hospital or in the early recovery period. For this to happen they need their health professionals to be aware of what they are going through. Partners, family members and other carers also need to know about the likelihood of the cardiac blues.

We developed a suite of resources for patients and health professionals, including:

for patients:

  • an 8-page ‘Cardiac Blues’ brochure for patients and family members <download here>
  • an easy-reference ‘Cardiac Blues’ postcard for patients and family members <download here>
  • Back on Track  which is an online program to help support you with your physical and emotional recovery after a heart attack. Register here.

for health professionals:

  • a waiting room ‘Cardiac Blues’ poster for health professionals <download here>
  • a ONTRACK 7-step guide for health professionals <download here>
  • a 26-page user-guide to using the cardiac blues brochure with patients <download here>
  • a 1-hour online ‘Cardiac Blues’ training program for health professionals. Click here for registration information
  • Order form for printed hardcopy items listed above <download here>

The resources have been made available to over 600 health professionals nationally including all cardiac rehabilitation co-ordinators, all coronary care units, all cardiothoracic units across Australia. The resources and training have been extensively evaluated by the ACHH. We continue to monitor the uptake and use of the resources by health professionals and patients across Australia.

beyondblue  funded the development and evaluation of these much-needed resources.

Funding: beyondblue