Encouraging physical activity and decreasing sitting in patients with a chronic illness

4 CPD Hours

How can we get our patients to moving more and sitting less?  Physical activity helps to lower physiological risk factors, to reduce premature all-cause and cardiac-related mortality and morbidity, and improve quality of life and psychological wellbeing.   However, many people do not engage in sufficient levels of physical activity to experience its positive effects. This half-day program provides practical, evidence-based techniques to help patients become and stay more active. 

Topics include:

  • The beneficial effects of physical activity
  • Harmful effects of sedentary behaviour
  • Exercise prescription for chronic illness populations
  • Identifying patients at high risk of not adhering to physical activity;
  • Barriers and facilitators of physical activity
  • Strategies to increase uptake and maintenance of physical activity 
  • Strategies to reduce sedentary behaviour
  • Practical activities and useful handouts for patients