Back on Track: Overview

Outline of the program

Setting goals for my new life is an introduction to the program. Thinking about what happened to when you had your heart event can help you cope with your experience and decide what changes you may want to make to your life. Each person's experience of illness will be different. Importantly, it is not only what happened to you that is important but also how you feel about what happened and how you cope, in both the immediate aftermath and in the longer term.

Approximate session length: 20 minutes

Back on Track with a healthy lifestyle

 Making changes to your lifestyle after a heart event can be difficult and feel overwhelming at times. This 3-session program will help you to:

  • Get started with regular physical activity and maintain healthy habits
  • Create a plan for eating healthy and develop strategies for sticking to it 
  • Quit smoking and prevent relapse

Approximate session length: 30-45 minutes

Back on Track with mood management

Having a range of strong emotions after a heart event is common and normal. This is called the Cardiac Blues. However, 1 in 5 people will go on to develop depression after a heart event. Depression increases your risk of another heart event.

This 1-session program is to help you understand the different emotions you may experience, show you how to help yourself recover from the emotional impacts of a heart attack or surgery, and alert you to the signs and symptoms of depression.

Approximate session length: 30-45 minutes

The Back on Track program is free of charge

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