In Memoriam 

When a loved one dies, making a charitable donation in memory of the person is a thoughtful gesture that enables friends and family members to make a gift in their memory but gives lasting benefit to others in the future. Cardiovascular disease claims the lives of many Australians every year and 67% of all families in Australia are affected.

The Australian Centre for Heart Health has an information brochure and attractive In Memoriam donation envelopes available upon request from our office. 

After your phone call, we will arrange for In Memoriam envelopes to be delivered to the venue for the funeral service. At the end of the service the envelopes are given to you to deliver to the Australian Centre for Heart Health . On our receipt of the memorial gifts, a letter of thanks which includes a receipt will be forwarded to each donor. The bereaved will also receive a letter expressing our sympathy and advising them of the names of those who have made memorial gifts. We do not mention to the bereaved the amount of the donations sent to us, unless otherwise specified

Ideally the suggestion that mourners might prefer to donate is best included in the funeral notice in the newspaper. Many notices say

"No flowers by request. Donations in lieu to the Australian Centre for Heart Health would be appreciated. Envelopes will be available at the service"

In some instances, the Order of Service handed out at funerals will invite mourners to make a donation to a charity known to be favoured by the deceased.

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