Corporate Partnerships

Australian businesses have the capacity to make an enormous contribution to our goal of reducing death and disability from heart disease in Australia. Through a partnership with Australia's unique Australian Centre for Heart Health , businesses can:

  • Align their brand to effective solutions to a national (and international) problem,
  • Demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility, both internally and externally, and
  • Contribute to their triple-bottom-line reporting.

The Australian Centre for Heart Health works with corporate Australia to empower and educate people about heart disease.Such partnerships are vital to the long term viability of the Centre.

The Fundraising and Development team at the Australian Centre for Heart Health will work with your company to understand your corporate culture and needs. We consider your current altruistic activities and available resources, and provide help to develop a suitable partnership. Your contribution and level of involvement may vary, but every effort helps when transforming the lives of Australians now and for future generations.

Existing projects like our Cardiac Blues project succeed because of your support. Long term projects can be developed to focus on specific communities. The Australian Centre for Heart Health is supporting health professionals, individuals and communities to deliver health changes across rural, regional, metropolitan Australia. Whatever your goal, you can pursue it with us.

Corporate social responsibility

Staff, stakeholders and society look favourably upon socially responsible compaines. A strategic alliance with the Australian Centre for Heart Health not only delivers benefits to communities, but also your business.

A 2005 study shows 92% of Australians believe great brands come from companies with values and ethics (Eye on Australia, Grey Worldwide). Consumers are increasingly likely to make purchasing decisions based on an affiliation with a good cause. In addition to economic success, there are social and environmental expectations of your company. You can improve your corporate image and create strong relationships through your support of the Australian Centre for Heart Health .

What you can support

The Australian Centre for Heart Health has identified a number of projects that need your support. By financially assisting one of our appeals, your contribution will go directly into implementing our proven, long-running programs:

  • Anxiety, depression and distress in cardiac disease
  • Patient health behaviours and self-management and our new programs in cogenital heart disease and sleep disorders and cardiac disease

Involve your business

Your business can be involved in ways beyond providing financial support. Corporate sponsorship and cause related marketing positively promote your brand and products while financially assisting the Australian Centre for Heart Health projects and campaigns. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Workplace giving

Staff make individual pre-tax contributions to the Australian Centre for Heart Health directly from their pay. We have partnered with Good2Give to make it easy for businesses to offer workplace giving to their employees. 

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Benefit to you

Offering a staff-matching component to your Workplace Giving scheme greatly increases staff participation and belief in your organisation's commitment to CSR. Such giving schemes provide an opportunity to be seen as an employer of choice. It also gives employees the chance to contribute to the social well-being of communities.

Alliance - United in Action

The Australian Centre for Heart Health is committed to providing our partners with details on our work in the field as well as educaitonal materials on the programs we suppport. You can subscribe to our regularly produced newsletter to get updates on our work with our partners. 

Tax deductibility

The Australian Centre for Heart Health is a Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Receipent (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office. 

Our Corporate Partners

Stillwell Motor GroupBoing Productions  

In choosing to support the Australian Centre for Heart Health, you are helping us improve the lives of those living with heart disease. There are different ways in which you can help us. If you would like to discuss possible options, please contact the Director (telephone 03 9326 8544) or email our Corporate and Community Relations Officer at

Companies choose to form a partnership with the Australian Centre for Heart Health to show their support for heart research. The nature of the partnership can vary and we are happy to discuss possible arrangements. Corporate partnerships offer companies the opportunity to raise money in a way that uniquely suits their organisation.