Post-traumatic growth after an acute cardiac event

While many patients experience distress and depression after a cardiac event, some go on to reap benefits from the experience. For some patients the event is transformed into a positive, life-changing experience. This experience is referred to as post-traumatic growth (PTG).  

Post-traumatic growth refers to positive psychological change as a result of a struggle with highly challenging life circumstances. It is not simply a return to “one’s old self” after a period of suffering, but a deeply meaningful change or improvement.

This study is investigating the relationship between patients’ anxiety and depression, coping style, resilience, and experiences of post-traumatic growth. By identifying predictors of PTG, the study will have implications for supporting patients in positive ways during their short and long-term recovery.

Funding: Ms Crebbin has been awarded a University of Melbourne post-doctoral scholarship. Additional support is being provided by the Australian Centre for Heart Health.