Physical activity and sedentary behaviour 

Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour are both independent risk factors for the development and progression of cardiovascular disease. We have published several papers investigating various aspects of physical activity, and have recently shifted our focus to include studies of sedentary behaviour. We currently have two studies underway in this area.


Developing a sedentary behavior session in cardiac rehabilitation

Many cardiac patients find it difficult to increase their levels of physical activity. While physical activity remains important, it is increasingly clear that reducing sedentary behavior is equally beneficial. This project focuses on supporting patients to reduce their sedentary behavior through cardiac rehabilitation. 

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Walking after an acute cardiac event: does it guarantee adherence to current physical activity guidelines?

Cardiac patients can significantly improve their health by increasing their physical activity, and one of the major ‘activities’ that cardiac patients enjoy is walking. This study focusses on the benefits of walking to improve cardiac health.

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