Nurse practitioner Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) outpatient assessment and management: The TIARA study 

Anxiety and depression are common among patients after stroke and are known to impede physical recovery and compliance with lifestyle change advice. However less is known about the emotional experience of patients following Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA). This project is examining the rates of anxiety and depression in patients after TIA, at their outpatient clinic appointment and three months later, and assessing the acceptability of an inexpensive electronic depression screening and clinician alert process. 

We are recruiting patients as they attend the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s TIA Rapid Assessment (TIARA) clinic with Australia’s first Stroke Nurse Practitioner, Ms Louise Weir.  During their TIARA appointment patients receive a medical assessment, a brief lifestyle intervention, electronic depression screening and a diagnostic depression interview.  Following their appointment, patients are interviewed to assess satisfaction with care received. They are telephoned 3 months later for re-screening of anxiety and depression symptoms and assessment of satisfaction with treatment.

We have currently recruited 45 patients and conducted 3-month follow-up interviews with 40 of these patients. 

Funding:  Helen Macpherson Smith Trust