‘Back on Track': An online secondary prevention program for patients

We developed the 'Back on Track' support program for cardiac patients to assist patients with their behavioural and emotional recovery after a heart event. 'Back on Track' is designed to assist patients to develop the skills to manage their health behaviours and emotional wellbeing in the long term. The online program contains four modules to support patients in lifestyle change and managing mental health  - namely, healthy eating, increasing physical activity, quitting smoking, and managing the cardiac blues. The modules comprise information, case studies, and written activities and tools to support change. The content of 'Back on Track' is a direct translation of the successful 'Beating Heart Problems' group-based program which was shown in a randomised controlled trial to significantly reduce patients’ cardiac risk and improve their mental health, and is a companion to our telephone-delivered 'Teleheart' program. Translation to the online format provided patients with an evidence-based program easily available in their own homes 24-hours per day. The 'Back on Track'  program has been pilot-tested with patients from two hospitals in Melbourne, Australia, and has been well received.

Funding: HCF Foundation and Telematics Trust