New Patient Support Programs at the ACHH

We have recently launched our cardiac patient online program – Back on Track – and our online support group for cardiac patients and their families - Cardiac Connect.

Back on track is a 4-session online program for people who have had a heart event. The program helps with both healthy lifestyle and managing mood.


After a heart attack, you are at increased risk of having a second heart attack. Managing lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of having another heart attack.

  • Regular physical activity improves your cardiac health and reduces your risk of another heart event
  • Having a varied diet of nutritious food helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your cardiac risk
  • Quitting smoking improves your cardiac health and increases your life expectancy

Back on Track with Healthy Lifestyle helps you:

  • Get started with regular physical activity and maintain healthy habits
  • Create a healthy eating plan and develop strategies for sticking to it
  • Quit smoking and prevent relapse.


A heart event is an emotional experience, not just a physical one.

  • Having a range of strong feelings is common and normal after a heart event. These feelings generally pass with time.
  • However, 1 in 5 people will go on to develop depression after a heart event. Depression increases your risk of another heart event.
  • Managing anxiety and depression improves your quality of life and reduces your risk of another cardiac event.

Back on Track with Mood Management helps you understand and manage the normal emotional reactions to a cardiac event, the Cardiac Blues, and what to do if you think you are at risk of depression.


Cardiac Connect is a website for people with heart disease and their families to access support and connect with other people going through similar experiences. On this website you will find information and resources to help you cope with the emotional impacts of a heart event and to assist you to make changes to your lifestyle, including increasing physical activity, health eating and quitting smoking.

Cardiac Connect is facilitated by a trained registered health psychologist, and assists patients in maintaining a healthy body and mind. It is based on evidence that social support aids physical and emotional recovery of people with heart disease

Connect Connect can assist you to maintain a healthy body and mind and get back on track after a heart event.

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