Australian Centre for Heart Health research grant success

HeartKids Australia, as part of a $300,000 research funding budget for 2016, has awarded the Australian Centre for Heart Health $50,000 through its Grants-in-Aid program, as part of the Centre’s commitment to undertake vital research into congenital and acquired childhood heart disease, and its impacts on families. Grant recipients are shown below, at the awards ceremony held earlier this year (Associate Professor Barbara Murphy, Deputy Director of the Centre is third from the left).

Jayne Blake, CEO, HeartKids Australia, reminds us that:

“Every day, 8 babies are born with childhood heart disease and every week 4 will die.  There are currently more than 32,000 adult Australians who have lived with a heart defect since childhood.  While surgery is not a cure, 50 per cent of those born with congenital heart disease will require an operation before their first birthday.

“Congenital Heart Disease is the leading cause of death of Australian children under the age of one and our organisation is dedicated to supporting research into its causes, treatment and management.”

The Australian Centre for Heart Health was funded for its project: Families coping with child heart disease, under the direction of Professor Alun Jackson, ACHH Director, and will be carried out with Education and Developmental Psychology Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg, from The Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. The project will trial a novel manualised parenting intervention, the Heartchild Family Coping Program. The intervention uses the findings from two systematic reviews on CHD familial impacts and parenting programs for special needs children together with intensive interviews with parents, conducted in the first phase of this project, also funded by HeartKids Australia, in 2015.