Our Bequestors


"I've been fortunate to be involved with the Heart Research Centre since its inception. I've seen first-hand how our research improves the health of Australians after heart attack or heart surgery.

That is why I decided to leave a bequest to the Centre. I want to know that my legacy, well after I am gone, will help prevent heart disease and help rehabilitate future Australians who may be touched by this life-threatening disease.

Join me and consider leaving a bequest to the Heart Research Centre. Together, from our hearts to the hearts of all Australians, we can make a lasting difference."


Phillip George Neal

A Gippsland dairy farmer, has made an extremely generous bequest to the Heart Research Centre to support our research into the psychological and behavioural aspects of cardiac disease.

Professor Edward Janus HRC, President and Professor Alun Jackson, HRC Director met with the Executors of Philip’s estate to accept his gift and were moved by his personal story and his commitment to health-related research.

Philip was born in Buffalo, in South Gippsland and became interested in raising animals, and farming at an early age. He worked as a herd tester throughout Gippsland from 1968 to 1975, when he bought a herd of dairy cows and leased a farm at Fish Creek. In 1980, Philip suffered a sudden degeneration of the optic nerve, a condition shared with his sister. Following the reluctant sale of his dairy herd, and despite his limited vision, Philip completed a Diploma of Applied Science in Agriculture as a mature age student. With adaptive technology, he developed his computer skills and developed a keen interest in investing in the share market.

With no children of his own, Phillip made a major commitment to ensuring the welfare of his father, until his death in 1994, as well as his brother Brian and sister Elizabeth, who had variously experienced impaired vision, cardiac disease and cancer.

At only 60 years of age, Philip died suddenly from a heart attack while swimming laps at his local pool. Prior to his death, however, he made the very generous decision to bequeath the bulk of his estate to benefit cardiac, cancer and eye stem cell research. 

The Centre is extremely grateful to Philip for his bequest.

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