Supporting chronic disease self-management

This course comprises 5 modules and is approximately 5 hours of learning. This course covers the basic principles, skills and strategies, including effective communication and behavioural goal setting, motivational interviewing and cognitive strategies, to assist health practitioners to support self-management and behaviour change in people with chronic disease.

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Supporting Self-Management in Chronic Heart Failure

This course comprises 2 modules and is approximately 2 hours of learning. The first module focuses on strategies to support the emotional adjustment of people with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and how to identify depression in people with CHF. The second module builds on the concepts covered in the course Supporting Chronic Disease Self-Management. The content assists health practitioners to support self-management behaviours in people with CHF by strengthening goal engagement, overcoming blocks and supporting long-term change.

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Cardiac Blues

This course has 1 module and approximately 1 hour of learning. In this course you will learn how to talk with patients about common emotional responses after an acute cardiac event. You will learn how to distinguish between patients who are experiencing a normal emotional reaction to their cardiac event, the 'Cardiac Blues', and those who may be at risk of future depression.

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